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Just lettin ya know that I’ve switched my blog over to blogspot. No more posting here!! So if you want to still read, here is my new blog address: www.oliveascreativeconfessions.blogspot.com Thanks and come check it out!!


Uppercase Living

We finally got our Uppercase Living up. I have to say, it looks pretty nice!! Mom wanted me to upload a few pictures for Lanelle (and anyone else who wants to see them) so here they are!

Baby Kitty #…..6?

Well, we got ANOTHER baby kitty. I know, I know, we should of learned our lesson by now, but this one…..It’s kinda a long story but here goes!! Most of you know Skylar, Alysse’s baby kitty she got after her other baby kitty Boots ran away. Confused yet?! Anyways, we took Skylar to the vet because she had been sick and they gave us some pills. We couldn’t get them down her so mom took her to the vet to see if they could help. While she was there this lady came in with an itty bitty kitty (about 2 days old, cord still attached to its belly, eyes closed) and was very upset because her family was allergic to cats so they couldn’t keep it. The vet kept saying that they couldn’t keep it. They lady was still screaming that she didn’t know what to do with it and it was gonna die, blah blah blah. Good ‘ol mom stepped in and said to the lady that she was sure her daughter would take care of it and nurse it back to health, whatever. So that’s how we got another baby kitty!! Mom says we can’t keep it, but Dad says we can. (I think…) Mom just doesn’t want to go through the whole flea thang again, but Alysse promised that as soon as it opened its eyes, it was going outside!! Small problem…. Skylar and the other cats DO NOT like other cats so…..we’ll have to see! It’s definetly a boy and its name is Nigel. It’s very cute but we’re not sure if it’s gonna make it or not!! We’ll see!!!


Random pictures from this week

Here are a few pictures I thought I would share with you!! Enjoy!!


The boys playing “smack ball”, a mixture of volleyball and football!!

Lily’s throne

A helicopter flying over the house. Didn’t turn out so bad!

Our little “visitor” in the cow tank. There’s actually 3 but I couldn’t get a picture of the other one.

Alysse and I had a little photo shoot and tooka lot of pictures!! This is one of my favorites.

Telling secrets….shhh!!!!




State Fair

Last night we went to the state fair. It was a fun, family evening, no rides or anything, basically food!! (and our 4-h exhibits) We had just gotten in the gates and we were waiting around trying to figure out what to do next when Jeanine, her mom and dad, Kenzie, Elliot and Garrett walked through the gates just behind us!! It was quite a suprise, we hadn’t planned anything!!! So we ate supper with them and went our seperate ways. Then when we were leaving we saw them again!! All in all it was a very fun night!!


Eating supper with Jeanine and family

Playing around in the trucks at the auto show

I LOVE Collin’s facce in this pic!! TOO CUTE!!!

A cool picture of the lights from the fair in the space needle

Another light picture

Sheep in the ag building

I love the goat on top of the rocks! lol


( I didn’t know what to put for a title so I just put something!!) Anyways, Sunday night we got in from Clever Convention about 11:00. We went up there after school on Wed. and had a very nice convention. Besides all the wind and rain from Hurricane Ike!! We made it out alive so it’s all good! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I would have posted earlier but Monday I had so much homework from missing 2 days of school that blogging was the last thing on my mind!! Can’t wait for our conventions!! They’ll be here soon!!

Petting Zoo pics

So I said I would post pictures of the petting zoo later on…I think it’s time I did that. JK Anyways, you are probably tired of pictures already but these ones were so cute I couldn’t resist posting them!!

Cute baby ducks


This isn’t a petting zoo pic, it’s a picture of me and the back of my beuautiful sheep’s head!!

A pile of sleepin’ piggies!! These pigs were SO SO SO SOOO cute!! They were only a week old!! How can you not fall in love with them?!

It’s almost hard to believe the cute little piggies came from this huge thing!! The man said she probably weighed close to 400 pounds!! That’s a lot of bacon!!

The baby cow was kinda sick and a little skinny, but it was so cute!!

This donkey just had a baby a few months ago. You can see the baby’s legs behind the mom. It was very shy!!

A very cute and fuzzy baby sheep!!

Okay okay, enough pictures already!!! lol I’m done for a little while!

County Fair Pictures

So the county fair was this week and we went and showed our sheep. You knew that, right? Anyways, this is the last day and tonight we go back up there and get our animals!! This is the first time I’ve been home for like 2 days!! Well, we all did good and brought home a few ribbons and pocket money, so we’re pretty much happy. You probably won’t be once you see all the pictures though!! lol I’ll try to narrow it down to the best ones to save you a little time!!!

Look how tiny the kids are!! They were so cute! They didn’t have to set up or brace the sheep, they just stood there looking cute!! Don’t we all wish it was that easy?!

Daylon showing her lamb. She got first place!! (out of one, but it’s still first place!!!)

Autumn showing 1 of her lambs. She got 1st and reserved grand champion with this lamb!

And another 1st place for Autumn!!

What a big smile!!

Alysse showing her lamb. She got second.

Thank you, thank you very much.

Katie showing her lamb. I can’t remember what place she got. Too many sheep!!

Alysse and Autumn showing for reserve grand champion.

Autumn showing ANOTHER one of her lambs! (she had 4 at the show!!!)

Me (in the back) showing my lamb. We got 2nd out of 2…..

A very blurry picture of our craft table.


Sleepin’ sheepies.

Sleepin’ goats. They look so cute!! But as we all know, looks can be deceiving…..


The had a few little events Friday evening. One was the baby crawling race. It was SO cute!!! Only about 3 babies crossed the finish line, but it was so cute to watch!!

A very, VERY bad picture but it’s the first baby crosing the finish line!!!

They also had the celebrity cow milking. No one really famous, just some well-known people from Norman. It was HYSTERICAL to watch tho. They had one team called the Milk Duds and there shirts looked like a box of milk duds. Too funny!!!

Well, I think that’s most of the pictures from this camera. We still have one more camera to go!!! I’ll try not to get as many pictures. Mostly pictures of the petting zoo.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!! Sorry for such a long post!!!

County Fair Time!!

Well, it’s that time again!! Time for the county fair!! Tomorrow we take all our entries, Thursday after school we take our animals, and Friday and Saturday are show days!! I can’t wait!! This show is more a relaxed, “practice show” to get you ready for the Tulsa show and spring show, There are rides, yummy food, and entertainment too!! I’m so excited!!! Plus, you get out of school on Friday!! lol Be ready for TONS of pictures!!!

It’s me again!!

Sorry I haven’t posted anything in a while. I have been very busy, with school and everything!!! Plus, the county fair is coming up the 4th, 5th, and 6th of Sept. so we have to get everything ready for that!! Who else hates the first few days of school? Definitely me. All they do is go over rules, make you go to boring assemblies, do all the drills (you know, tornado, fire, jump out the back of the bus…..) I can’t wait for summer!! I know, it’s just like me, not even 3 weeks into school and already wishing for summer! Anyways, I’ll try not to go on again, because they did lift the rules a little. Now you can wear jackets as long as they zip all the way up and don’t have a continuous pocket across the front. The mini skirt/leggings rule….forget about it. I was so worked up over the hoodie rule that I went crazy and made up another crazy rule…so totally scratch it….I was messed up then. lol! Anyways, have a good rest of the week. I hope I can survive another school year!! 🙂